Will travel for bacon.

December 10, 2010 · Posted in Uncategorized 

“Run faster, the zombies are chasing you!”

That’s how, by mile 2, I knew I was going to love running the Dallas marathon.  This seemingly simple, pointed trip turned out to be much more fun than I anticipated.

Due to a SNAFU, I had to find lodging via a good friend of mine in Milan.  As in Italy.  So Jenny hooked me up with her friend Nick, and this guy was nice enough to let some random crash at his place for a few days.  The main purpose of this trip was to run the Dallas marathon, but on Thanksgiving I was watching a TV show about bacon and the first stop was a little cafe in Dallas called the AllGood cafe.


Truth be told when I got off the plane I knew I was going to have fun.  I saw two guys walking toward security with maroon shirts that said “Don’t touch my junk.”

What made it better was that one guy was tipping the scales at over 300 lbs, and one guy was…well…vertically challenged?  I don’t know what the politically correct term is.  Either way they made quite the pair, shuffling up to security telling the TSA clearly what they thought.  And since the TSA is the US government’s form of a practical joke, staffed with ex-convicts, these guys were instantaneously new friends.

The marathon itself was about 95% excellent.  Good expo, mostly good race organization, a great course, and some pretty interesting fans.

One entire block was set up as a luau, with all the people wearing grass skirts, handing out leis, and passing out cans of beer to any runner who wanted one.  One guy was also holding a gigantic baking sheet mounded with bacon.  If it wasn’t only mile 8 I would have taken some of both.

By mile 19 I was eating the sugar glazed donut holes people were passing out though…

At mile 21 one of the local Hooters restaurants was staffing the hydration station.  I don’t think I really need to go too in depth here…it was pretty amazing.

Not to be outdone by the Hooters girls, mile 22 had an interesting group of characters.  We encountered two rolling hills, and just before we passed through them was a sign.  “You are now entering the Dolly Parton hills.”  Fantastic.  Except that the “Dolly Parton’s” were all dudes dressed in drag with enormous fake man-boobs.  I preferred the Hooters girl, but you can’t knock their effort!

After setting a new PR by 5 minutes, I rested most of the day on Sunday, in preparation for breakfast on Monday.

On my way to the airport I stopped off at AllGood Cafe and took some mediocre pics with my phone.

The place itself is very cool.  It’s got a small stage, and they host shows there all the time.  I saw signed posters by Wilco, Steve Earle, The Old ’97s, Paul Simon, and Los Lobos.

When I walked in the four cops sitting in the middle of the cafe just glared at me, like they could smell the Yankee on my coat.

To my dismay, they were OUT of chicken fried steak.  Out of it!  Thankfully they still had bacon.  I settled on a “mega breakfast sandwich” and a side order of bacon.

Ham, fried egg, avocado, bacon, cheese, mayo, and dipped in tabasco sauce.

If you like your meat thick and full of spice…

If you’re in Dallas make sure to swing by The AllGood cafe.  And look for the “Kinky for Governor” signs.  As one of them says – How hard could it be?



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